We Respect the Needs of Our Renters

It is pretty simple really. Renters want a safe, clean affordable rental properties that are properly maintained. Many times those are difficult to find when dealing directly with the property owner. At Brower Realty, we understand the needs of those who choose to rent in our area.

Our property management professionals do their best to make sure when you rent through Brower, your experience is a pleasant one. We are responsive to maintenance requests and are available 24/7 in cases of a property emergency. Upon move-in, tenants are provided access to their own convenient online Tenant portal. Here you can manage and track your rent payments and submit maintenance requests. You never have to directly work the property owner.

At Brower Realty, our leases are prepared in compliance with state and local landlord/tenant regulations. We assure that both tenants and property owners hold up to the terms of their leases. It is also important to note that we respect the privacy of our tenants.

If you are in search of a home, condo or apartment to rent, we invite you to contact us at Brower Realty. Let us help you find your next home.